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“I don't think I have ever met someone more passionate about moms and babies than Lea Ann. She lives and breathes the childbirth world. As a lactation consultant and educator she uses the latest evidence based research to help newborns and moms comfortably and successfully breastfeed."

Angela, RN

"Words could never express what having Lea Ann with me during my VBAC meant to me. She had the most amazing ability to gently direct the energy flowing through my body. Through gentle comforting touch and guidance, I felt her transform my tension and fear into something productive and powerful. I would recommend Lea Ann as a birth or postpartum doula without hesitation and if you're lucky enough to have her support, I'd be so happy for you. She is a gift". 

Umber, RN

"I have absolutely loved my experience with Lea Ann Goettsch at Newborn Mother Care. We met during my pregnancy to talk about my hopes for my labor, delivery, and postpartum. She made me feel like all my questions were important and gave me that “cared for” feeling we all want when we’re pregnant. In labor she was just what my husband and I needed- a quiet and reassuring voice. She was a huge part of me being able to have an unmedicated and empowered labor and delivery. She was right by our side as we started breastfeeding and offered so much support. For the next 2-3 weeks she showered us with love and well-timed healthy, nourishing meals. She truly has enriched this special time for our family by being the perfect support for us".

Angela S., RN

"Lea Ann was an amazing support system for me when I attended her labor and breastfeeding classes. She is very knowledgeable and teaches to help all levels understand and benefit from the classes. I really enjoyed both classes because they were hands on. She really helped me after I delivered my daughter 2 years ago. My daughter was having trouble latching and she continued to help me, as well as check in on me through the whole process. I am 6 weeks away from delivering my 2nd child and she is already listening and answering any questions I have. I’m glad to have her support through this journey as well".


Lea Ann is a celebrity in our house. My son was born 10 weeks ago. He came three weeks early and was a weak eater. We were at the hospital for several days. Over that time, his blood sugar dropped so they started giving him bottles of formula. With each bottle, he nursed less and less.

By the morning of day 3, he completely stopped sucking and nursing. I was frantic, exhausted, and at a severe emotional low point. I could not stop sobbing. My hands were shaking and I felt horrible. I always wanted to breastfeed my baby. They were talking about discharging us as they put bottles of formula in a bag. ​

When the new neonatologist came on duty that morning, she saw how desperate I was to breastfeed. She brought in Lea Ann and two other rock star nurses. Our team spent ten straight hours with us getting my little one to eat. We pumped and used a syringe, tubes, and a nipple shield. Lea Ann was dedicated to getting my baby to nurse. We followed her guidance and tried every idea she had. She was amazing! By hour ten, he finally nursed!

Everyone in the room cried. Lea Ann and the nurses went into the hallway and cheered. We could hear them telling the rest of the staff. We went home that evening confident that with Lea Ann's tools, we could keep nursing our little guy! He hasn't stopped eating!!

The amount of support and level of care was incredible. Lea Ann is knowledgeable, kind, and warm. Without her, my kid would probably be on formula. I went from feeling like a complete failure to feeling victorious! I cannot thank her enough. The photo we took with our team after he nursed is my favorite from my entire birth experience. Baby Collin is now a chunky little breast feeder! His fat, happy cheeks are a testament to Lea Ann's skill!

I highly recommend inviting Lea Ann into your life as a new mother. She has a natural gift of caring and understanding. She was our champion.

Also! The lactation cookies are absolutely delicious!

Laura and Baby Collin