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Welcome to the amazing journey of motherhood.

Newborn Mother Care provides

Professional Postpartum Maternal Care. 

NBMC offers unique packages for the San Antonio area. Contact us today!

Congratulations on becoming a mother and beginning your new family. Are you visualizing the first weeks home with your baby to be a time of peace and happiness, rather than having stress and exhaustion? New mothers often confide that the first few weeks can be overwhelming. Newborn Mother Care will support you as you step slowly into your postpartum. Newborn Mother Care supports all families, providing non-judgmental support and education.

The birth of a new mother can be just as challenging and intense as childbirth.

Postpartum Mothering Care Bundles

Each family will have individual needs. Newborn Mother Care offers Mothering Bundles, to fit the needs of your family.

Gift certificates available.

Contact Newborn Mother Care to receive an informational packet to share with your family and friends.


The Golden Month

This package offers you professional postpartum support during the first 40 days. Total of 90 hours postpartum doula care with the postpartum essentials care basket. 

I will meet with you during your pregnancy to listen to your hopes and goals in creating your postpartum sanctuary.

Special rates applied fee if you are choosing Birth Coaching with your Golden Month Wellness Bundle.

Before baby:

  • Breastfeeding Wisdom 101
  • Tools provided for you to thrive during The Golden Month
  • Postpartum planning
  • Menu planning

Once baby arrives::

  • Meal preparation - (if desired) Texas Food Handler Certification 
  • Daytime postpartum care 
  • Overnight care 
  • Self care for mother
  • Support with mothers physical and emotional feelings
  • Breastfeeding support focusing on mothers well being
  • Overcoming breastfeeding difficulties
  • Support with bottle feeding
  • Newborn support
  • Safe skin to skin positioning education
  • Understanding newborn behaviors / communication
  • Sleep and rest for mother