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So glad you’re here and reading more about 

Newborn Mother Care. I provide holistic birth and postpartum care and support to families as well as providing professional and family centered Evidence Based Birth® Services.

I am a mother, grandmother, nutrition enthusiast, foodie, educator, doula, researcher, advocate, coach and empowerment builder. I am a resource.

 I was one of the first circle of 'pioneer doulas' in San Antonio during 1999. As a seasoned birth and postpartum doula I mother the mother, applying many years of experience in caring for the new mother and newborn.

A few tidbits about myself. I live on a small farm which has become home to a herd of mini horses. Horses have been part of my life since I've been a little girl. I was born a cowgirl, and will always have the cowgirl spirit in my heart. Our little sanctuary rescues minis who have been lost in the shuffle. We (myself and the healing herd) protect and care for minis who are physically challenged with special health needs. Currently six little minis reside at the sanctuary. I love the farm life, walking in the pasture and caring for the little ponies. Tending to the herb and flower gardens at the sanctuary brings peace and joy as well as wonderful aromas. 

I believe that during the first forty days postpartum, acknowledging the mother and helping her tune into her own body and intuition will build her own confidence to get in touch with her baby. Not only do I support the mother with her physical needs, most importantly I support the mother with her emotional needs as well.

My years of experience ensure that you will be receiving the best of care. I collaborate with a team of professionals within NBMC who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist I have supported over 1000 newborns with their first breastfeeding experience in the hospital setting.

Newborn Mother Care supports all families whether breast milk feeding or formula feeding their newborn.

I have enjoyed supporting families for over 19 years and continue to build relationships within the international birth and postpartum community.

I will be more than happy to share my complete curricula vitae upon your scheduled complimentary interview session.

Much love,

Lea Ann