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"Prenatally, during labor, and postpartum, I tune in to your individual journey and support you

and your baby in finding your own way with confidence and joy.

Having the full attention and supportive care of a doula is a rich compliment to your midwifery care


A home birth...

"When my husband and I decided on a homebirth with a midwife, we didn't initially think we needed a doula.  I am so thankful we did because our doula, Lea Ann, was a tremendous comfort throughout my labor, and even offered support before the delivery day and postpartum. She was incredibly patient and gentle. She helped me feel so safe and at ease during the labor and helped "coach the coach" as my husband stood by her side receiving her instruction on how to encourage me through different pain management techniques, labor positions, and even offering refreshments when needed. She came as early as I wanted her and was with me throughout the labor before the midwife arrived for the delivery. She was a great help and a true treasure to have with us throughout the labor and delivery, I would highly recommend her and doula services"!   S.S.

Words could never express what having Lea Ann with me during my VBAC ( at home) meant to me. She had the most amazing ability to gently direct the energy flowing through my body. Through gentle comforting touch and guidance, I felt her transform my tension and fear into something productive and powerful. I would recommend Lea Ann as a birth or postpartum doula without hesitation and if you're lucky enough to have her support, I'd be so happy for you. She is a gift". ~ Umber

A birth center birth...

"I have absolutely loved my experience with Lea Ann Goettsch at Newborn Mother Care. We met during my pregnancy to talk about my hopes for my labor, delivery, and postpartum. She made me feel like all my questions were important and gave me that “cared for” feeling we all want when we’re pregnant. In labor she was just what my husband and I needed- a quiet and reassuring voice. She was a huge part of me being able to have an unmedicated and empowered labor and delivery. She was right by our side as we started breastfeeding and offered so much support. For the next 2-3 weeks she showered us with love and well-timed healthy, nourishing meals. She truly has enriched this special time for our family by being the perfect support for us". ~ Angela R.N.

Lea Ann supports families who choose to give birth at home or a birthing center.

As a doula Lea Ann does not provide medical care nor offer medical advice. She compliments the care you will be receiving from your midwife. As your doula at your home birth, Lea Ann will support you physically and emotionally with:


During labor & birth:

  • comforting touch during labor
  • position changes during labor
  • providing guidance as labor unfolds
  • acupressure navigation
  • reassurance during labor
  • birth tub assistance during labor
  • guidance for birth partner during labor

Immediate postpartum:

  • initial latch support
  • post birth nourishment 
  • post birth laundry
  • prepare an herbal bath preparation


  • 2 postpartum follow up care visits to check in and support breastfeeding

Lea Ann supports birth with the utmost respect and honor, and believes the mother and her body is the best source for information.

Lea Ann describes her doula 'style' as "mindfulness", "holistic", "gentle birth", "honoring the newborn" and "protecting the golden hour".

Lea Ann brings years of experience and knowledge obtained by the leading birth experts from around the globe to your birthing space. She received her education at The Farm, Newborn Mothers Collective, Evidence Based Birth®, Lactation Education Resources, DONA International, and is currently completing studies at the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology Association.

Please call today for an informational packet.

Doula fees are consciously priced.

Payment plans available.

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