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Evidence Based Birth® Seminars for Birth Professionals

August 29, 2020  1pm-4pm VIRTUAL

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define evidence-based care and discuss statistics on the quality of birth settings in our local community
  2. Discuss the major reasons why we have an evidence-practice gap, including the power hierarchy and how it is a barrier to evidence-based, family-centered care
  3. Discuss ways that we can bridge the evidence-practice gap at the system level
  4. Discuss specific strategies we can use to help our clients obtain evidence-based care

Contact hours: By attending the workshop and completing an online evaluation, you will earn a

certificate for 3 contact hours from Evidence Based Birth®, a continuing education provider for

the Kentucky Board of Nursing # 7-0081. Nursing contact hours can be applied to most

childbirth educator and doula certifications, as well as the Certified Professional Midwife credential.

Are you passionate about evidence based care, but regularly witness hospital policies taking

precedence over your client's choice? It can be frustrating to watch clients receive care that

isn’t based on research and not quite knowing how to help.

The Savvy Birth Pro Workshop (3 contact hours) was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to

give professionals the skills you need to make a genuine difference and help your clients attain

the best possible chance at evidence based care during pregnancy and labor.

After attending the 3-hour Savvy Birth Pro Workshop, you will walk away with confidence in

your ability to help your clients assert their right to evidence based care in a respectful way that

builds bridges, not walls. We believe that the inspirational knowledge you will gain from the

Savvy Birth Pro Workshop will have a positive ripple effect that extends to your clients, the

professionals you work with, and your community!

You’re no longer alone in the quest to help more families receive respectful, high quality

maternity care! The Savvy Birth Pro Workshop does more than provide great skills; it creates a

strong community of connected professionals who together share this important mission.

This Savvy Birth Pro Workshop is taught by Lea Ann Goettsch LCCE, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, 

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.

Refund policy: Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to future workshops or seminars.


Tier 1: TBA

Tier 2: TBA

Tier 3:​ TBA

Date: Saturday July 25, 2020; 1pm-4pm


NOURISH Healing Collective

221 W Rhapsody Drive, Ste. 101

San Antonio, TX 78216

Nourish Movement Room

Saturday September 12, 2020; 1pm-4pm

Newborn Procedures in the Golden Hour

  1. What is the evidence on the safety of Vitamin K? 
  2. Does delayed cord clamping lead to jaundice? 
  3. How can we help families who give birth by Cesarean get skin to skin in our local operating rooms?

In this interactive seminar, we will take an in-depth look at the

research evidence on newborn procedures for term infants during the “golden hour.” We

will cover the history and research on interventions that happen during the first hour of

life—including which procedures are the “best practices,” and which procedures can be

safely delayed or declined!

After attending this seminar, you will walk away with confidence in your ability to talk

with clients about the latest evidence on skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping, bathing,

weighing, hatting, Vitamin K, and eye ointment.

Refund policy: Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to future workshops or seminars.

Tickets: TBA

Date: Saturday September 12, 2020

Time: 1:00

Location: Virtual

Learning Objectives

  • Describe evidence on two best practices for newborns in the Golden Hour; skin-to-skin and delayed cord clamping
  • Describe evidence on procedures that often take precedence over skin-to-skin and bonding, including suctioning, hatting, bathing, Vitamin K, and eye ointment