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"If a doula were a drug, 

it would be unethical not to use it." 

John Kennel

Lea Ann Goettsch

Professional Birth Doula / Mentor

As a professional doula I support families who choose to give birth at home or birthing center.

I treat birth with the utmost respect and honor, and believe the mother and her body is the best source for information.  I describe my doula approach as "mindfulness", "holistic", "gentle birth", "honoring the newborn" and "protecting the golden hour".

I bring years of experience and education by the leading birth professionals from around the globe to the birthing space. I received my education as a Midwifery Assistant at The Farm with Ina May Gaskin and midwives many moons ago, and have been supporting women in birth since 1999.  

Lea Ann also serves women whom have experienced previous trauma. 

What's the evidence on Doulas? 

My home birth doula fee is consciously priced. Please feel free to contact me today to discuss fees and payment options. 

[email protected]